January activity

20170118123950_IMG_5782Last October we started a number of experiments . The mechanical resistance of the underwater habitat is one of the key point and the huge storm at the end of November has been a unique test for our structures . 2 of the original biospheres (the #3 and #4 ) are operative during the winter time . The storm produced waves of approx. 3 .00 meters and their effect in the shallow area of the Nemos Garden has been sometime destructive. The electronic equipment (cameras and sensors + the underwater com systems have been effected too . We lost 2 analogic camera and the wireless com system but the internal 4 digital cameras and the external analogic are still operative and the wifi of each biosphere is still working.


We noticed the progressive reduction of the water temperature but at the same time there is always a gap of 3-4 degrees with the air temperature of the biospheres. Right now the water temperature is lower than 14 C but the air is still acceptable for the plants and running around 17 C.




The natural lights reached the lowest level during December and the vegetation of the plants is effected by the limited lights . We installed a artificial dedicated red/blue light in the #4 and it is definitive helping the photosynthesis of the plants . The power is still too low to create a real effect but the principle we want to apply is always the same : we are surrounded by a huge quantity of energy (sun , wind, tides, waves , current …..) we can use that energy and transform it in power / electricity for our plants . This is what we do and we are experimenting .


Last Thursday the 19th Gabriele and Dario dove at the Nemo’s Garden and they did a lot of main


Marigold flowers

tenance and  check of the equipment . Even a refilling of air (we lost part of the air due to the bad weather and the high waves effecting the oscillation of the biospheres .


They found  a quite humid environment but a good one . The plants were small but good . A few pictures are enclosed . This is great because it means that the vegetation is going through a very low productive period , surviving and simply slowing down their metabolism .

We are continuing our experiment . Ina few weeks the new master electronic system will be replaced and we shall experiment a more efficient condensed water collection. It would be the most important experiment of this winter !

Some volunteers are helping us in the cleaning of the biospheres . It is difficult to list everybody but we wish to thank them a lot .