APRIL 2017

The 2017 Project is taking off.  There will be several news ….and we are all very active. The first big new is the installation of a new OBSERVATORY Biosphere . There will be no cultivation and there will be not any grid to support the hydroponic system. This solution will allow a 360° view of the underwater world . The Biosphere 6 will be outside of the pentagon of the Nemo’s garden , ocean side . Al visitors will be able to watch the entire structure from a kind of “balcony” … The Biosphere 6 will be equipped with all control features of the others but in addition there will be an air refreshment with a pipeline coming from the shore and allowing the cleaning of the internal air. The divers will be able to remove their masks w/out the risk of CO2 increase. The second new will be a ….surprise for all visitors but …it will be really COOL !DSCN5263

The Nemo’s Garden will be enlarged with a little “invertebrate forest”. A suggestion of our friend and biologist Angelo Mojetta ! We are going to install a 10*10*10 meters triangle on the bottom of the see and 12  three or four meters lianas with a floating buoy will create the conditions for algae, Spirograph and other sea creatures to grow and make a small forest . Our intention is to check the possible application of such creatures as origin of fertilizers for the crops growing.

Recently , in the biosphere #4 has been installed a “wiper” . Yes ….a wiper. It works 1 minute, each hour and clean the upper internal side of the biosphere . The wiper compacts the condensed evaporated water and make possible the collection in the side ribs and finally in the water tank where the hydroponic pump is supplying the irrigation water to the crops. We are testing the wiper to verify how much water we are able to produce per day . Our goal is to reach a production of 1 liter per day. The test will proceed for two weeks and Gianni will finally check the results just after Easter. If the test will be positive all 2017 biosphere will be equipped with the new wiper.

We are looking to install artificial hydroponic lights in a couple of Biospheres to verify the growing of crops under pressure but by providing the full required spectrum of frequencies.

We are collecting the support of several institutions and private companies . All supports are welcome . Nemo’s Garden costs a lot and any sponsorship that may help our futuristic project is more than welcome !