our story, our adventure

5 years ago Sergio Gamberini was enjoying his summer vacation in Noli, Italy.
Scuba diving has always been not only a business related activity, but a passion and a hobby deeply rooted inside him. Everything related to life in the ocean always has had a special place in his heart.  His life could be described as constant hard working, family and the ocean.

Having said that, you can easily understand  that nobody was surprised when he came up with yet another idea to work at while on vacation.
But this time the idea sounded really, really strange…

So, there he goes, he makes a couple of phone calls and starts building, with the help of his team at Ocean Reef Group, a number of small transparent balloons – then, they sink them and fill them with air while underwater, they anchor them and ultimately, plant seeds in a vase inside!

The idea he had was to utilize the properties of the large bodies of water – constant temperature, united with the natural evaporation of a surface of liquid in contact with an air space – to try creating an underwater greenhouse!

 Years of experimentation down the road, a number of biospheres created, vegetables crops, rough seas that destroyed everything, live web streaming from underwater, studies, data collecting, we now move the experiment’s site to the next level: more biospheres, different materials, more sensors, more cabling, hydroponic culture, more webcams etc etc. This year (2017) we draw the line for feasibility, industrialization, large scale production to really give an alternative solution to grow food in a responsible, small-footprint-on-earth kind of way.

In 2016 we added a different technology content to our experiment site: we moved to all rigid acrylic biospheres, we wired all bios rather than just one with multiple sensors; we created a complex system of remote accessible and activated mechanisms such as fans, internal and external cameras wi-fi and intercom in all of our biospheres.

The interest and seriousness of the project has drawn attention to the research side as well and we have now successfully rented our precious underwater labs to pharmaceutical companies who believe, like us, that plants growing underwater may unveil interesting discoveries for the future.

One dream is what we are left with – making Nemo’s Garden a true option for the future; and to do so, while researching and experimenting on our own, with our partners – we want to have all of you guys who follow this adventure with curiosity participate as well. Both with a research of your own and a cool, cutting edge piece of furniture – your own scaled Nemo’s Garden for your aquarium!

You decide what to grow, you tune the whole system to your environment and home.
You do your thing and then you share it with us!
Nemo’s Garden will become a community of aware individuals who will investigate and share their experience.

our story, our company

It just so happens that Sergio Gamberini is the President of Ocean Reef Group.

A family run group of 2 companies based out of San Marcos, California, and Genova, Italy.
These companies were born more than 60 years ago, have undergone multiple changes and now specialize in scuba gear production – sold under the brand OCEAN REEF (which powers our underwater operations); protection equipment under the name of SAFETY protection equipment; engineers projects both for the companies brands and OEM; electronics and now want to put together all these knowledges into this wonderful adventure.

Though medium sized and very much diversified, Ocean Reef Group has made it’s name by being very flexible, agile and capable of meeting the needs of markets, newborn business opportunities and by bold entrepreneur spirit.

Challenges are what we thrive for and this particular one has a value that we can feel deeply inside as something for the future generations and for many countries who’s climate conditions make cultivating impossible – giving us a real push to succeed.

Luca Gamberini.
Marketing for Ocean Reef Group