Mini Nemo’s Garden is a scaled down 100% functional version of our installations underwater soon available on the market. The commercialization of the  Mini Nemo’s Garden will be possible thanks to the Kickstarter campaign launched during the 2015 season. The project has been successfully funded in less then 30 days. A big THANKS for the support to all the backers who helped us to reach the 30000 $ goal.

Here the link of the Kickstarter campaign: .

So, if with the Nemo’s Garden we want to offer the World an alternative to standard greenhouses, a new branch for green and blue economy, with the Mini Nemo’s Garden we would love to have your help in the process. Both with supporting us and researching on your own Mini Nemo’s.

The kit, easy to accommodate in most aquariums (in terms of space taking) includes: a biosphere, the container for the seed, the substratum, the anchoring system and all instructions to make possible to growth plants underwater. Since aquariums are very delicate ecosystems, we have opted for solutions that keep this in mind, thus avoiding any pollution by any material or element belonging to the Mini Nemo’s Garden.


You have to decide what to plant, follow the basic line for realizing the experiment and waiting for seeing the growth of your Nemo’s Garden! All the informations you will find out while growing your mini Nemo’s Garden (growth rate, environment where you decided to place your aquarium, type of plant, salt water or fresh aquarium etc.) will contribute both  to our studies and to enlarge the community of underwater plant growing enthusiasts!