Nowadays we live in the era where everything is available, everywhere, with just a click. However, Nemo’s Garden is facing challanges never attemped before, which can be translated in no books to read or no website to check in order to find the right answers.
If we just take in consideration all the different matters related to the Nemo’s Garden project (from agronomy to thermo dynamic studies, physics, elettronics and engineering) the only way we have to achieve our goal is to set up collaborations aimed to discover and understand all the aspects of the researches.
Working side by side with Universities and thesis students, as well as offering internships, is the approach we wanted to have/ is the road we wanted to follow. 
In order to support them and reward their help, time and energies, we have started a fund raising action through a new Nemo’s Garden eco-friendly gadgets line.
If you wish to support the project click here and check out the line.
A good action both for the research and for the environment.

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